Therapeutic Massage: 60 min $70, 90 min $95
Customize your massage to relax your mind and muscles or focus on a specific area of tension. For deep therapeutic work to a specific area hot stones are utilized to soften the muscles for a longer lasting effect. Full body relaxation massage is also available for those high stress days.

Structural Therapy: 60 min $80
This advanced deep tissue technique works to reverse postural distortions and underlying causes of chronic conditions in the myofascial tissues of the body. Specific aches and pains in the muscles are addressed as the tissues melt and elongate.

Thai Massage: 90 min $120
This ancient form of healing from Thailand and India combines deep breathing with passive yoga stretches, point work and deep compressions. The session is performed on a Thai mat on the floor. The receiver wears comfortable clothing to allow stretching. It is a calming as well as invigorating treatment. The treatment ends with a relaxing meditation lying on the mat so your body can integrate the work into its systems. Your body is awakened and alive after a 90 minute treatment!

Hot Stone Massage: 90 min $130
Reconnect to your body and the earth as heated lava rocks massage your aching muscles in this full body massage. Deep heat provides a profound feeling of relaxation. Custom blended massage oil with essential oils facilitates detoxification. Let go of that tension you don’t need and allow the repose to return.

Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment: $20
An invigorating blend of massage with a nourishing oil bring life back to your scalp. This organic oil from Moon Gulch Medicinals helps open the hair follicles to promote growth as well as add shine and luster to your hair. This is a wonderfully relaxing addition to any massage.

Tarot Readings $25/20 min, $35/30 min, 60 min or more $1 a min
What does the future hold for you? Pierce the veil between this physical world and your intuition.  Let the cards speak to you and add clarity. An interpretation of Tarot cards can shed some light on current situations and how to make steps to move forward in your life.